Prednisolone in children with allergies: how and when to take

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Hello, Dear Readers. Today we will talk about how children’s allergies are treated with the hormonal drug Prednisolone.

In what forms and dosages can the doctor prescribe the drug, in what allergic manifestations can Prednisolone be prescribed and what is its effectiveness.

Prednisolone treats serious allergies in children. This hormonal drug, which is characterized by immunomodulatory, antihistamine and anti-inflammatory pronounced characteristics.

Doctors prescribe this medicine only when necessary, when it is not possible to treat allergies in a child with non-hormonal drugs.

At the first signs of an allergy in a child, parents should immediately contact a specialist.

After diagnosis, the allergist will choose a method of treatment. If a doctor prescribes Prednisolone, he will also recommend the form in which the medicine should be used: in tablets, solutions for injections, ointments, drops (suspensions) for the eyes.

The most important thing for parents to remember: Prednisolone hormone in children with allergies is prescribed only by a specialist, self-treatment is unacceptable.

Today, manufacturers produce this drug in tablet form, in the form of solutions that are injected into the muscle or into a vein, and powders, on the basis of which the desired solution can be prepared.

There are also ointments to be applied to the affected areas of the skin, eye drops or suspensions to relieve eye swelling.

The tablets contain one or five milligrams of prednisolone, the solutions contain thirty or fifteen milligrams of the drug per one milliliter of solution, the powders contain thirty milligrams of prednisolone in a bottle, the ointment and eye drops have a concentration of 0.5%.

Prednisolone: how to take it in children

Prednisolone has a very rapid onset of action. It is used for different types of allergies (usually with a severe course of the disease), the form of the drug, the duration of therapeutic course and dosage is selected by an allergist.

Treatment of allergies in children, as a rule, is complex: the complex of therapeutic measures includes the drug Prednisolone.

Doctors try to prescribe the drug, starting with small doses. Doses are increased only if there is no positive dynamics in the treatment of the disease.

The exception is a serious condition caused by allergies: in them, the drug is taken not in the minimum, and immediately in the required dosage.


If the doctor prescribes Prednisolone in children for allergies, the dosage when using tablets is usually one to two milligrams of the drug per one kilogram of weight of the child.

How many times to take a day of tablets will tell the doctor. Sometimes it is necessary to take the medicine 6 times a day. These are the initial doses.

Then they are gradually reduced, which is very important, because Prednisolone in any form cannot be abruptly withdrawn. The tablets are taken with or after meals.

The tablet form of the drug has a cumulative effect and is used for long-term therapeutic courses.


If injections will be given (deep into the buttock muscle), the single dose of Prednisolone in ampoules for a child is one to two milligrams per kilogram of weight for children from two months to one year and two to three milligrams of Prednisolone for children from one year to 14 years.

The drug can also be administered through an IV drip. If necessary, prednisolone solution may be administered again after twenty to thirty minutes.

Parents need to constantly monitor the child’s condition in this case. If you have any concerns, you should stop injections right away and see a specialist.

After a severe condition has subsided, the doctor will prescribe pills with a gradual decrease in the dose. Prednisolone in ampoules to relieve acute allergic symptoms in a child is used in situations where any delay is fraught with serious danger to children’s health.

This form of medication works very quickly: in 15 minutes for an intramuscular injection and 3-5 minutes for an intravenous injection through a dropper.


If eye drops are prescribed to relieve swelling, a child is usually given one or two drops in each eye three times a day.

For longer than a week, it is not recommended to use eye drops for childhood allergies.

If Prednisolone ointment is prescribed, apply it to the affected areas of the skin three times a day. The layer is usually thin.

For a small number of affected areas, the doctor will advise applying an occlusive dressing to get the best effectiveness. The duration of the therapeutic course should be a maximum of three weeks.

When to take

In which cases, the drug prednisolone is remarkably effective:

  • If a child has hives, prednisolone for children will normalize the condition, eliminate acute allergic manifestations.
  • If the child has an allergic runny nose, the product will quickly reduce swelling and other allergic reactions.
  • In the case of an acute severe condition caused by allergies (such as anaphylactic shock, asthma attack), prednisolone can literally save a child’s life.

It is important for parents to remember that treatment with prednisolone is performed only under the strict supervision of a specialist.

Prednisolone in children with allergies: how and when to take
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